Have to share

Hey everyone. I was out cold with a nasty cold for a whole month. These things hurt when you are old I guess.

I wanted to share my nephews new company. I have a few readers now and I want to help hm in anyway I can.

His new company is here at http://www.eastlakeroofingpros.com and he could really use the help and business so if you know anyone in the Tampa area please refer them to him and he will be happy to help out any home and business with a roof repair or replacement.

Thanks guys! I will be sure to add another story soon.

Water Skiing

I had a memory jog the other day talking with my brother. We used to love to water ski when we were young. That is until the big accident and I broke my leg. This is probably why I pushed this memory from my head. Suffice it to say I do remember and I might as well share it.

I can’t remember exactly how old I was but we were operating the boat on our own so we must of been 15 – 16  years old. We were hanging out at home and it was really a hot day and we decided to get on the water and cool off.

I notice the skis in the garage and grabbed them. I mean what better way to cool off than skiing on water right?

We head out and I decided to ski first. My brother helps me get ready and once I am strapped in he fires up the engine. It was only a single engine boat so it isn’t like we were going to kill it out there.

After about 20 minutes skiing around I noticed girls were swimming on point beach and motioned to my brother to head over that way. He did a J curve and whipped the boat and killed the engines for a second which creates the effect of you slowing and sinking a little at the same time.

I was cruising in slowly to the beach and tried to show off to the girls in the water when at the last second I saw it. A submerged swimmer who was snorkeling. I immediately lifted my legs to try and stop myself and and it was too late.

I hit the swimmer at a pretty fast rate and went right into the water. When I came too and assessed where everything was I felt pain in my leg. Somehow I fractured my leg in the collision and the swimmer ended up with a scratch.

That was a long two months waiting for my leg to heal.

Goes to show. When on the water skiing. Ignore the girls.

More Boating Stories

I had intended to post more stories on a regular basis on here but got tied up with redoing my roof. I hate having to do new things around the house but we knew it was getting close to replacing it. 30 years is a good amount of time for a roof to last anyway. With all the rain we got lately it was obvious the roof was failing.

I was referred to a roofing company that was an excellent experience. I had all kinds of reservations but they did such a good job handling everything that I almost forgot I had to pay them!

I told them I would write about it so if you need a roof in Tampa just give these guys a call. Here is there website, http://www.constructomax.com/ and just ask for Kevin who is the owner. I am really happy I called them.

So anyway onto my boating experiences. When I was 16 my Dad would let me take the boat out on the lake every now and then. On one really nice summer day in June I took the boat out with a couple friend. Guys and girls. There were 5 of us all together.

Well when you get some teenagers together on a boat it can get lively. I was a responsible kind of kid growing up anyway so I tried to let everyone know this was a serious thing we were doing so no horsing around.

After about an hour cruising around I noticed we would need some fuel soon so I decided to head back to dock. At this time two of the guys were starting to fight a little. From what I saw one of them was getting a little too cozy with his girl. When everyone is wearing bathing suits emotions can get a little high. Hormones would be more accurate.

Well before I knew it they were pushing each other and one of them went right over the edge and into the water. At this time I was going at a pretty good pace so when he hit the water it push him back up and his head hit the boat. I was immediately sick to my stomach as I shut down the boat to spin around. I went as fast as I could without running over him. He was wasn’t moving so I was really fearing the worse.

The girls jump in the water next to him and held him up out of the water as we guys pulled him back onto the boat. After we helped the girls back in we checked on him and thankfully he was breathing. I told them to hold him steady and I will get us back to dock.

I radioed in the situation. My adrenaline was running so high I was hearing myself speak but didn’t recognize my own voice. By the time we got back to dock my friend was coming to and once the ambulance got there he was talking again.

He ended up with a mild concussion and I ended up never using the boat again that summer. I felt it was unfair but I understood. My Dad had to do it to show the parents he wasn’t a reckless parent. The parents of the kid who fell in weren’t ever mad at me. I guess they knew how he could get sometimes. Today he is now a police officer. Getting close to retirement.

So there was my close brush with death and yet another tale on the boats.

Thanks for reading.

How it all began

Thanks for stopping by. We were asked recently that we had a good story to tell about our experiences in Iowa and had a friend help us get this set up.

We are retired now here in Florida and enjoy our days hanging out on our boat in the marina. Yeah i am cheap and going out everyday is just too expensive with gas. Every other weekend or so we get her fired up and head out in the channel to catch some fish and enjoy the shoreline.

There is nothing like the feeling of riding the waves with the salt air hitting your face. I don’t know why but I just always loved it.

However when we lived in Ames Point we didn’t deal with salt air at all of course. And the air was often not cool. I guess that is the appeal of being in Florida now. There are many more months we can enjoy the water without ice issues or snow.

I grew up in Wisconsin near the lakes and we knew and encountered many snow storms. But out favorite time of year was when Dad would uncover the boat and get her prepped for the water. We would get out our fishing gear and do a tally of our tackle boxes. See what needed to be bought at the tackle shop and get our bait.

I honestly can’t say what was better for me. Being with Dad on the water or just being on the water. Maybe both. I certainly enjoyed it.

There was one particular trip that was both funny and a learning experience at the same time.

One spring we were getting ready to prep the boat for the water. Dad would every fall remove the hoses and replace them. He felt it was better to start with new rubber after a winter than risk going out with cracked ones.

For some reason or another he forgot to do this one Fall and we in our excitement never though about it when we got out on the water.

Well after about an hour out there moving around the water we were hit with a BOOM and then sprayed with hot water mixed in with antifreeze. Wow was that a big shock! Dirty hot water all over out backs and deck of the boat. We were immediately stuck of course right there.

We cleaned ourselves off and made a radio call for a tow and made out way back to dock. Thankfully it was an easy repair but a messy mess to clean. We had to do it without getting too much chemical in the water.

So lesson learned and a story to tell. I am getting tired to I will close for now.

Till next time. Thanks for stopping by.