Water Skiing

I had a memory jog the other day talking with my brother. We used to love to water ski when we were young. That is until the big accident and I broke my leg. This is probably why I pushed this memory from my head. Suffice it to say I do remember and I might as well share it.

I can’t remember exactly how old I was but we were operating the boat on our own so we must of been 15 – 16 ¬†years old. We were hanging out at home and it was really a hot day and we decided to get on the water and cool off.

I notice the skis in the garage and grabbed them. I mean what better way to cool off than skiing on water right?

We head out and I decided to ski first. My brother helps me get ready and once I am strapped in he fires up the engine. It was only a single engine boat so it isn’t like we were going to kill it out there.

After about 20 minutes skiing around I noticed girls were swimming on point beach and motioned to my brother to head over that way. He did a J curve and whipped the boat and killed the engines for a second which creates the effect of you slowing and sinking a little at the same time.

I was cruising in slowly to the beach and tried to show off to the girls in the water when at the last second I saw it. A submerged swimmer who was snorkeling. I immediately lifted my legs to try and stop myself and and it was too late.

I hit the swimmer at a pretty fast rate and went right into the water. When I came too and assessed where everything was I felt pain in my leg. Somehow I fractured my leg in the collision and the swimmer ended up with a scratch.

That was a long two months waiting for my leg to heal.

Goes to show. When on the water skiing. Ignore the girls.