More Boating Stories

I had intended to post more stories on a regular basis on here but got tied up with redoing my roof. I hate having to do new things around the house but we knew it was getting close to replacing it. 30 years is a good amount of time for a roof to last anyway. With all the rain we got lately it was obvious the roof was failing.

I was referred to a roofing company that was an excellent experience. I had all kinds of reservations but they did such a good job handling everything that I almost forgot I had to pay them!

I told them I would write about it so if you need a roof in Tampa just give these guys a call. Here is there website, and just ask for Kevin who is the owner. I am really happy I called them.

So anyway onto my boating experiences. When I was 16 my Dad would let me take the boat out on the lake every now and then. On one really nice summer day in June I took the boat out with a couple friend. Guys and girls. There were 5 of us all together.

Well when you get some teenagers together on a boat it can get lively. I was a responsible kind of kid growing up anyway so I tried to let everyone know this was a serious thing we were doing so no horsing around.

After about an hour cruising around I noticed we would need some fuel soon so I decided to head back to dock. At this time two of the guys were starting to fight a little. From what I saw one of them was getting a little too cozy with his girl. When everyone is wearing bathing suits emotions can get a little high. Hormones would be more accurate.

Well before I knew it they were pushing each other and one of them went right over the edge and into the water. At this time I was going at a pretty good pace so when he hit the water it push him back up and his head hit the boat. I was immediately sick to my stomach as I shut down the boat to spin around. I went as fast as I could without running over him. He was wasn’t moving so I was really fearing the worse.

The girls jump in the water next to him and held him up out of the water as we guys pulled him back onto the boat. After we helped the girls back in we checked on him and thankfully he was breathing. I told them to hold him steady and I will get us back to dock.

I radioed in the situation. My adrenaline was running so high I was hearing myself speak but didn’t recognize my own voice. By the time we got back to dock my friend was coming to and once the ambulance got there he was talking again.

He ended up with a mild concussion and I ended up never using the boat again that summer. I felt it was unfair but I understood. My Dad had to do it to show the parents he wasn’t a reckless parent. The parents of the kid who fell in weren’t ever mad at me. I guess they knew how he could get sometimes. Today he is now a police officer. Getting close to retirement.

So there was my close brush with death and yet another tale on the boats.

Thanks for reading.