How it all began

Thanks for stopping by. We were asked recently that we had a good story to tell about our experiences in Iowa and had a friend help us get this set up.

We are retired now here in Florida and enjoy our days hanging out on our boat in the marina. Yeah i am cheap and going out everyday is just too expensive with gas. Every other weekend or so we get her fired up and head out in the channel to catch some fish and enjoy the shoreline.

There is nothing like the feeling of riding the waves with the salt air hitting your face. I don’t know why but I just always loved it.

However when we lived in Ames Point we didn’t deal with salt air at all of course. And the air was often not cool. I guess that is the appeal of being in Florida now. There are many more months we can enjoy the water without ice issues or snow.

I grew up in Wisconsin near the lakes and we knew and encountered many snow storms. But out favorite time of year was when Dad would uncover the boat and get her prepped for the water. We would get out our fishing gear and do a tally of our tackle boxes. See what needed to be bought at the tackle shop and get our bait.

I honestly can’t say what was better for me. Being with Dad on the water or just being on the water. Maybe both. I certainly enjoyed it.

There was one particular trip that was both funny and a learning experience at the same time.

One spring we were getting ready to prep the boat for the water. Dad would every fall remove the hoses and replace them. He felt it was better to start with new rubber after a winter than risk going out with cracked ones.

For some reason or another he forgot to do this one Fall and we in our excitement never though about it when we got out on the water.

Well after about an hour out there moving around the water we were hit with a BOOM and then sprayed with hot water mixed in with antifreeze. Wow was that a big shock! Dirty hot water all over out backs and deck of the boat. We were immediately stuck of course right there.

We cleaned ourselves off and made a radio call for a tow and made out way back to dock. Thankfully it was an easy repair but a messy mess to clean. We had to do it without getting too much chemical in the water.

So lesson learned and a story to tell. I am getting tired to I will close for now.

Till next time. Thanks for stopping by.

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